Bruce Olson

Bruce olson was born in a Christian family in Minnesota. He experienced salvation at an age of 14 while reading the New Testament. He attended the missionary conference and was challenged by several speakers to go and serve as a missionary. At the age of 16. he realized that God wanted him to become a missionary to the tribes of South America. Bruce Olson

Birth : 10.11.1941
Death : –
Place : Minnesota
Country : America
Place of Vision : Venezuela, Columbia

He studied linguistics and applied to several mission boards only to be rejected. But the burning Christian desire compelled him to go to Venezuela against the objections of his parents and no financial sponsorship.

Bruce was 19 when he reached Venezuela. he heard about the Motilone-Bari, a voilent tribe that had little contact with the outside world.

Bruce Olson ministry with Motilone-Bari Tribe

There people were plagued by epidemics and violence and were slipping towards extinction. Oslon felt a strong pull towards these people to introduce Christ to them. After months of walking through the unchartered areas. Oslon found the tribe in the thickest part of Columbian jungles.

The moment he made contact with them, he was pierced by arrows and almost got killed by the Motilone chief. Nevertheless, enduring physical pain and loneliness, he continued to live within their territory with hope. There he befriended the witch doctor, taught her modern medicine, and earned the confidence of the tribe people.

He learned their language shared the basic gospel message in the form of a local parables. Within months, the entire Bari people has accepted a contextualized version of Christianity. Missionary work is not devoid of difficulties. Once he was kidnapped by a band of guerrilla terrorists who wanted to control Motilone territory.

He faced torture and death threats for 9 months. But his godliness amidst the torture led many of the terrorists to Christ. He built schools, hospitals, and training centers for the Bari people. Oslon who is affectionately called ‘Bruchko’ by the natives, inspired several others to continue the work among the other tribes in Columbian jungles.

Beloved, does your godliness change the hearts of the people?

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Lord, give me the strength to endure pain among trails to earn souls for you. Amen!

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