Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall biography, was the oldest of 13 children. She was a very bright young girl, and by the age of four, she could read almost anything that was handed to her. From a very early age, she had felt called to be a missionary, and when she was married to George Boardman, her aspiration was fulfilled. The couple set sail for Burma in 1825. Because the British-Burmese War was still raging, they had to stay in India for a while.

Birth: 1803
Home Calling: 1845
Homeland: United States of America
Place of Vision: Burma

While in India, they occupied themselves with language study. Their first son was born, died and buried here. Finally, in 1827, they were able to go to Burma. They established their mission at Amherst and later moved it to Maulmain. It was here that the Boardmans came in contact with a mountain-tribe people called Karen.

These tribespeople were very simple peasants who came in large numbers to listen to the preaching of the Word of God, and many of them came to faith in Jesus Christ. One man was a particular blessing.

He was a notorious criminal who confessed to having murdered more than 30 people, but when he put his faith in Christ, his life was completely turned around, and he became a vibrant testimony for the Lord and a very effective evangelist.

Sarah Hall ministry in Burma

The Boardmans later moved to Tavoy, where Boardman’s health declined rapidly. They also lost their second child. In trouble as well as in joy they devoted themselves to their great object—saving souls. The Boardmans were true pioneers that trekked extensively through the mountains and evangelized these primitive peoples.

They translated many portions of Scripture. Sarah started a number of schools, through which she taught the Bible. When she was not able to spend much time in missionary work because of the children, she composed hymns. When another pagan tribe moved into the area, she learned their language and translated the Christian literature into it. She was a remarkable woman, who accomplished a great deal for Christ until her home calling in 1845.

Beloved, are you using your talents for furthering God’s Kingdom on this earth?

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“Lord, help me to serve you despite any circumstance. Amen!”

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