bridge music india

Bridge Music India

Bridge Music India, A COMMUNITY OF CREATIVES THAT ARE SHAPING INDIA. Bridge Music exists to discover and empower the raw, passionate talent of India by providing a platform for them to collaborate with already established artists to create music that leaves a legacy true to India’s creative inheritance.

Bridge Music began in 2009 with just 4 people, and a deep passion to impact India. After almost a decade of anticipation in 2018 – with renewed vision and passion – we were able to launch Bridge Music Season 1 with 3 local artists, and their Telugu worship song ‘Vandanam’, partnering with Red Sea Films​ for Video Production. Just 2 months after it’s release on Youtube, ‘Vandanam’ had over half a million views, and has now reached over 3.8 million people online alone!

In Season 2, we were able to more than triple our impact by providing a platform for 9 new artists who together released 5 unique Hindi songs that are shaping the sound of Indian worship. Close to 13 million people have been impacted by the melodies of Season 2!

Bridge Music Season 3 is out to fulfil our original mandate to find ‘the Davids’ of this generation, the hidden creatives, and give them a platform to be empowered in order to go and impact their cities. Back like never before, and for the first time in India’s history, 35 passionate worshippers, songwriters, and musicians have come together to write songs for the nations via a 5 day songwriting camp in Hyderabad, India. From this creative space, 15 original anthems were birthed out of which Bridge Music will be producing 8 as Season 3 in 2020-21.

People in hyderabad like each and every artist and adore their talent, God Bless Bridge Music India !! #Allenganta #AnandPaul #Vineeth #SoberEmmanuel #solomon #samAlex #JohnErry and others !!