kindness and compassion

Promise #2:.
 I have a lot of kindness and compassion and I am overflowing with affection.

 The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
 Yahweh is kind and generous. He is not quick to get angry, and he is very generous with his love.

 Our residence is only a short distance away from Niagara Falls. The water that falls from this natural wonder every second is so powerful and abundant that it overwhelms me. The constant and abundant love that God reveals to us daily reminds me of this amazing natural phenomenon.

 As we keep thinking about the things God has promised us in this new year, may we always remember that He views us in a special way. He has a lot of kindness and forgiveness and He shows it to us in abundance. to paraphrase this sentence, we can use different words or expressions that convey the same meaning as the original sentence, without changing its structure or tone. One possible paraphrase is:His eternal, unending kindness is the reason behind everything that He does.

 May the Holy Spirit help us understand God better in the coming year and may He remove any misunderstandings about our Heavenly Father that make us think He is far away and mean.

 Our deity and father is benevolent. He is generous and kind and like Niagara Falls, He never stops giving His affection to us. you can paraphrase this sentence as: His love will never cease. Today, let the love of God fill your heart with a powerful force.

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