You are my God

Promise #1:.
 You are my God and you are always the same.

 The Lord will give you a crown of life, and you will be like a tree of life, and you will be a refuge for the oppressed, and you will be a sanctuary for the needy.
 I, Yahweh, remain the same. Therefore, you, children of Jacob, are not destroyed.

 As we embark on a fresh year, it is crucial to keep in mind this fundamental truth… Our God remains the same. He has never changed since yesterday, today, or forever. He has kept all his promises and they will never end. In a world that is always evolving, the assurance of our Fathers unwavering dedication to us is comforting.

 Today is a fresh start and signifies the commencement of a new year for us to witness the Lords unwavering trust in our lives. He is so loyal and dependable that he will always be by our side and never disappoint us. He has a deep affection for us and keeps his word faithfully, no matter how long it takes.

 I hope that this truth will provide a greater sense of peace and assurance to each individual. We eagerly anticipate the various ways in which our Father will demonstrate his loyalty to us in the upcoming year. May your new year be filled with unimaginable blessings!

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This song is inviting the Lord into my house and I am waiting for your arrival. who we are and what God did for us and what do we need to do in response. May this song be used abundantly to worship and praise Him. And may it be a blessing to you and your family! Thank you!! oneway – The best Christian site in the Christian community across the world. For More updates please click on the notification button on bottom right corner on your Mobile, Tablet, Desktop devices. etc.