John Bunyan

John Bunyan, He was a fierce preacher of the gospel of the one true living God in England when King Charles II imprisoned him in 1660. He only had his Bible and a book of witnesses for Christ with him when he went to prison. Throughout the 12 years of his life in prison, he used the time productively and wrote the world-famous epic. ‘The Pilgrims’ Progress.’

Birth : 30.11.1628
Death : 31.08.1688
City : Elstow, Bedford
Country : England
Place of Vision : England

The book is an allegory and is considered to be the second book, only after the Holy Bible, to have been published and read by a broader audience in more than 100 languages.

The allegory’s protagonist, Christian is an everyman character, and the plot centers on his journey from his hometown, the City of Destruction” (This world)”, to the “Celestial City” (That which is to come: Heaven) atop Mount Zion.

This book helped many Christians to advance in their Christian walk and inspired many people to rise and become missionaries. After being released from prison, he continued to do God’s work. Many people repented of their sins and received salvation. He traveled over Bedfordshire and adjoining counties on horseback to preach, and people affectionately addressed him as “Bishop Bunyan”.

John Bunyan was born into a poor fmily and spent most of his life as a wecked atheist. If God can use such a person, then he cn still use each of us to do gret things for Him. Although John Bunyan worked in a tin factory, he shined like gold for God and became someone whom the world praised. He not only dedicated his life to do the will of God but also was responsible for guiding mny towards the Kingdom of God.

” Lord, I Offer myself to do Your work at all the times, even during difficulties. Amen!”

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