Aune Emily Hyny

Aune Emily Hyny biography, was a Dutch missionary known for her selfless ministry in Machilipatnam. Although Emily was a Christian, she did not have any fear of God in her youth. She was a nurse by profession and was also a trained athlete and a talented piano player. With all the fame she acquired, she did not have time for God.

Birth: 19-05-1914
Home Calling: 28-05-2004
Homeland: Netherlands
Place of Vision: Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Once her friend took her to a Salvation Army meeting in Pühajärve. There a woman asked Emily if she was born again. Emily irritatedly replied that she’ll think about that in her old age.

To this, that woman said that many people who planned to be born again in old age are already dead and are rotting in hell. That answer disturbed Emily very much. That day’s sermon too worked in her heart deeply. Finally, Emily humbled herself and committed her life to God.

Aune Emily Hyny ministry in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Emily, now a new creation in God, started Gospel ministry along with her other duties. In one Gospel campaign, she strongly felt the call to full-time ministry. She pleaded with God that she would give all her money instead. But God’s call was clear that He wanted Emily, not her money. So obediently she went to London in 1947 and underwent missionary training at International Bible Training College (IBTI).

Emily arrived in Machilipatnam in 1951 and took charge of the Indian Christian Assemblies (ICA) orphanage. Till 1958, she extensively traveled in Krishna and Guntur Districts carrying out the Gospel ministry. After a short visit to her homeland in 1959, Emily established an orphanage in Varregudem with eight children. She never sought funds from anyone and only depended on prayers for all her needs.

She sold her own ancestral property and built schools, orphanages, Bible schools, and churches. Among several others, the Hyny High School in Machilipatnam today stands as a testament for her ministry. After more than 50 years of ministry in Machilipatnam, Emily who was lovingly called “Hyny Ammagaru” breathed her last in 2004.

Beloved, it’s not your money that God wants, but you! Are you willing to commit yourself to serve Him?

Take away from the article

“Lord, amidst all the fame You give me, help me to prioritize You and Your work. Amen!”

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