Carl Fredericks

Carl Fredericks biography, was an American missionary who is known for his ministry in Nepal. In his youth, he was drawn to medical missionary work and studied at Medical School at the University of Pennsylvania. Soon after his graduation, the American Presbyterian Church recruited Carl for ministry in India.

Birth: –
Home Calling: 03-07-2015
Native Place: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Place of Vision: India and Nepal

He arrived in India with his wife and began ministering in Uttar Pradesh along with fellow missionaries, Robert and Bethel Fleming. At that time, Nepal was closed for foreigners, but Robert who had ornithological interests visited Nepal on special permissions.

On one occasion, Carl accompanied Robert to Nepal along. There these missionaries were taken aback by the condition of the common people who were lacking basic medical care. Suddenly, a situation arose when Carl attended to a dying patient and helped him survive.

Carl Fredericks ministry in India and Nepal

Back in India, Carl was praying that God might open doors to Nepal. Soon he received permission to conduct medical camps temporarily in Kathmandu. But the situation was so severe that the local people asked him to set up a permanent hospital. Although the Nepal authorities were reluctant initially, they allowed Carl to set up a hospital on one condition: No Gospel Preaching! Thanking the Lord for the opportunity.

Carl started working in Tansen, while Dr. Bethel Fleming began working in Kathmandu. Setting up a hospital required not only doctors but nurses and other administrative staff. For this, Carl made efforts to gather medical professionals from different missions in India. This ultimately led to the formation of the United Nepal Mission.

Carl built a hospital on land that locals believed to be haunted. He hung a board outside the hospital that said “Jesus heals and We serve” which is still there. Carl made sure he preached the Gospel while he administered medicine. The first believers he earned for Christ were so brave that, they were ready to publicly acknowledge Christ as their savior, despite they had to serve a one-year jail term for their faith.

Carl retired from missionary work in 1986 and continued serving the Lord in other capacities from America until his home call in 2015.

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