Hunter Corbett

Hunter Corbett biography, was an American pioneer missionary who served in Shandong province in China. After his graduation from Princeton Theological Seminary, he along with his wife sailed to China to serve the Lord. After a hazardous journey and a shipwreck, they finally reached Chefoo in 1865.

Birth: 08-12-1835
Home Calling: 07-01-1920
Native Place: Pennsylvania
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: China

As he began his evangelistic work, his life was far from easy but was worth his sufferings. He believed in comprehensive itinerary ministry throughout the villages in Northern China rather than concentrated ministry in cities. During one of his first preaching trips, he met a Chinese scholar called Wang Zei who had a stern and overbearing demeanor.

But the preaching of Corbett ignited a great hunger for Truth within him. He spent a great deal of time with Corbett in an intense Bible study and was soon baptized. The change in Wang Zei’s life and attitude surprised his wife, who too later accepted Christ. The Wang Zei couple later became foundations for further ministry in China.

Hunter Corbett ministry in China

Along with the successful ministry came the tests and trials. Somehow, rumors spread against Corbett, accusing him of stealing children and of plotting an insurrection. The people suddenly became hostile and started stoning him wherever he went. Miraculously he escaped death several times. Once as he returned from a Gospel trip, he found his house ransacked. Nevertheless, in all his adversities, God was Corbett’s strength and shield.

Corbett was known for his unconventional methods of preaching the Gospel. When he saw that people weren’t interested in listening to Gospel, he rented a theatre and converted a part of it into a museum. So, everyone who came to tour the museum was first presented with the Gospel in the first room and then allowed to view the exhibits.

Such methods earned good dividends. He also established the Shandong Mission, which in 1895 had around 63 missionaries and 36 churches. By the time of his death in 1920, Corbett himself baptized more than 3,000 Chinese believers and there were about 343 churches throughout the Shandong province.

Beloved, are you ready to endure the sufferings without compromising Christian integrity?

Take away from the article

“Lord, thank You for being my strength and shield in all my sufferings. Amen!”

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