Neesima Shimeta

Neesima Shimeta biography, was a Japanese Samurai who gave up his sword and took hold of the Bible to serve the true God. Born in the brave Itakura clan, Neesima religiously worshipped his Gods. But one day he realized that they were lifeless because they never touched his offerings to them. When he was fifteen, he found an abridged Bible. He was immensely struck by the opening sentence, “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” He was surprised that none of his religious books talked about creation. Even though he didn’t know who that God was, he began to pray to him.


Birth : 12.02.1843
Home calling : 23.01.1890
Native Place : Edo
Country : Japan
Place of Vision : United States of America; Japan

Neesima decided that he would know more about this foreign God from foreigners only. So, he secretly reached Hakodate, the only port open to foreigners for trade. There his interactions with a Russian Chaplain opened his spiritual eyes further.

Since Christianity won’t be tolerated in Japan, he decided to escape and boarded a ship to America. The ship captain was kind and taught him the Bible truths. In the middle of the journey, Neesima sold his sword to buy the New Testament.

Neesima Shimeta ministry in USA, Japan

Neesima reached Boston in 1865, where the ship captain helped him to attain education. He finished theological education from Andover Theological Seminary and joined the American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions (ABCFM). Now Neesima wanted to go back to Japan as a missionary but ABCFM was not ready to fund him. But his tearful appeal in a meeting melted the hearts of the American Christians. Finally, Neesima reached Japan with 5000$ in hand in 1875.

Immediately, he began education ministry by establishing Doshisha School in Kyoto. He placed Christianity at the core of the fundamentals of moral education. That school now is an esteemed Doshisha University which not only produced many nation builders but hundreds of church builders too.

The untiring educational ministry and gospel campaigns took a toll on Neesima’s health, who went to be with the Lord at the young age of 46.

Beloved, are you shedding your tears for the salvation of your own people?

Take away from the article

Lord, use me to open the eyes of my unsaved family members and turn them from darkness to light. Amen!

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