Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick, Little did young Patrick knew that God would take him back to the same country where he was taken as a captive by the Irish pirates and sold into slavery. In a radically pagan Ireland, far from home, Patrick clung to the religion he had ignored as a teenager. Though his grandfather had been a priest and his father a deacon, Patrick knew not the true God. Yet, God used this time of captivity in a foreign country to develop his faith.

Birth: ~387 AD
Death: ~ 490 AD
Homeland: Britain
Place of Vision: Ireland

He spent much of his time in prayer until the Lord delivered him six years later. However, after his return to Britain, Patrick received a vision in which an angel directed him to go back to Ireland, not as a prisoner but as a missionary.

After few years of religious training, Patrick went to Ireland, utterly dependent on the Lord.

Saint Patrick ministry on Ireland

With an untiring zeal, he traveled throughout Ireland to proclaim the Gospel and convert the multitudes who had been worshiping idols and unclean things. As he was familiar with the Irish clan system, Patrick developed a unique strategy which was to evangelize the chiefs first and then encourage them to influence their clan. In this manner, he was able to baptize many thousands of people across Ireland successfully.

Patrick was a humble missionary of enormous courage. His life on the island was continuously at risk, and many times he was imprisoned by the pagan chiefs. Though his desire to leave the island was overwhelming, Patrick counseled his heart to remain in the will of God as it was the safest place to be. A man who ever so humbled himself in the sight of the Lord and known to be the ‘Apostle to Ireland’ was not disobedient to the heavenly vision till his last breath.

Beloved, are you ready to go back and share the love of Christ with the people who hurt you?

Take away from the article

“Lord, instill in me a humble spirit and empower me to spread Your word. Amen!”

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