Saint Titus biography

Saint Titus, was an early Christian missionary, a church leader, and a trusted companion of Apostle Paul. He was a Greek from Crete and was a well-learned person in Greek philosophy and poetry in his youth. During Paul’s first missionary journey, Titus heard him preach about Jesus.

Birth : 1st Century
Home Calling : 107 AD
Homeland : Crete
Place of Vision : Corinth

Immediately his heart responded to the message, and he accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. He was then brought to Jerusalem by Paul to testify how a Greek non-Jew could love God just as much as the Jewish believers did.

Since then, Titus became one of Paul’s most trusted colleagues, helping in the work of sharing the gospel. Apostle Paul addresses him as a “true child of mine in the faith that we share.”

Saint Titus ministry in Corinth

When there was some dissension at church in Corinth, Paul sent his trusted and faithful coworker, Titus, to deal with the situation. Scripture says Titus went to Corinth “with much enthusiasm and on his own initiative” (II Corin. 8:17). With Godly wisdom, he settled the matters of dispute and brought peace among the Corinthian believers.

After Paul was released from the Roman prison, Titus accompanied him to the island of Crete, where together they preached the gospel to the Cretans. As the church in Crete began to grow and new believers were added every day to the church, Titus appointed church leaders to minister to them.

He then traveled to the north of Crete, taking the gospel to the unreached parts, including present-day Yugoslavia, Serbia, and Montenegro. Titus was regularly encouraged and instructed by Paul on what was essential to teach the people through letters.

Titus remained a faithful steward of God, diligently carrying out his duties until called to his heavenly home. He was trustworthy and dependable. His commitment to truth, fervor in spreading the gospel, and enthusiastic love for the church is an encouraging example for everyone today.

Beloved, are you an enthusiastic coworker in the church of God

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“Lord, make me a witness of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ like Titus. Amen!”

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