Shomolekae biography, A boy named Shomolekae lived as a caretaker in a fruit orchard owned by a missionary called John Mackenzie in Kuruman. He was quite fond of that missionary and liked his teachings. Once, the gardener of the orchard gave some stolen fruits to Shomolekae to eat. But, he immediately refused, knowing that it is wrong to steal. The incident won him the trust of the missionary, who later took him under his care.

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Homeland: Africa
Place of Vision: Africa

Mackenzie took Shomolekae to Shoshong in Northern Africa to assist him in the missionary work. He was a brave young man and drove Mackenzie’s wagon in his ministerial journeys, which was not easy.

Shomolekae had to manage sixteen oxen all at once and keep them walking in a straight line. In Shoshong, Shomolekae assisted Mackenzie in building a church for the believers to gather and worship the Lord.

Shomolekae ministry in Africa

After some time, Shomolekae helped Mackenzie in building a school in Kuruman. Shomolekae himself went to be a student there, where he was trained to be a preacher and a teacher to his own people. After the training, he served the Lord at a place called Pitsani.

He taught the people about Jesus Christ and to read the scriptures. He moved to evangelize from one village to another, traveling along dangerous rivers and lakes without minding the dangers of wild animals. His untiring ministry led many men and women to Christ. Apart from the spiritual upliftment, Shomolekae was concerned about the social upliftment of his people.

He taught good culture to the tribals and motivated them to earn honestly. He also wrote a hymn book in the local language and taught them to sing the praises of God. They learned them so well that when the women were out digging the fields, or the little boys were paddling in their canoes, or the men were fishing in the marshy waters, you would hear them singing the hymns happily. Oh, the entire village found true happiness in Christ!

Beloved, being a Christian, are you honest at your work?

Take away from the article

“ Lord, help me live a life of honest Christian at all the places I go. Amen!”

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