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Stanley Dale biography, The mountains in New Guinea were home to one of the most feared tribes of the area, the Yali. This tribe was deeply superstitious, practiced human sacrifice, and were cannibals. Very few men who met them came out alive. Knowing all this, Stanley Dale decided to take the story of the Cross to these hostile tribes.

Birth: –
Home Calling: 1968
Homeland: Australia
Place of Vision: Papua, Indonesia

Stanley Dale was an Australian missionary who once was a soldier. During World War II, he first saw the high mountain ranges of New Guinea and decided that someday he would come back and bring the message of God’s love to the Yali people.

Along with his friend Bruno de Leeuw he set out on a long and arduous journey in 1961 to reach these people. First, they met the warring Yabi and Kobak tribes.

Stanley Dale ministry in Indonesia

One day, Stanley and Bruno were caught in a fight between these warriors. Both the tribes thought them to belong to their enemy and ran with their weapons to kill them. But, the tribes were surprised by the courage of Stanley, who was trying to calm the situation down. Stanley, with his God given wisdom, negotiated the peace between the tribes. Finally, the people, who were ready to kill each other, hugged in forgiveness.

Then after a difficult exploration, they finally reached the Yali tribes. The moment they touched their territory, arrows were shot at them, and they had to retreat. Nevertheless, Stanley was convinced that the Yalis needed Jesus, he again went back to their territory in 1963, accompanied by few others.

As the group reached Yali territory, the tribals came out of their huts, menacingly waving their arrows. Considering the safety of his colleagues, Stanley turned back to go to safety. But as they turned around, hundreds of arrows came flying and killed the whole missionary group.

Years later, where Stanley’s blood was shed, the Gospel spread. Other missionaries, including Stanley’s son Wesley, courageously took the call to reach the Yali tribe and win them for Christ. The once fierce tribe is now a peace-loving Christian community.

Beloved, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord, are you abounding in God’s work?

Take away from the article

“ Lord, give me the courage to take the risk to preach the Gospel. Amen!”

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