Constant Lievens

Constant Lievens biography, Known as the ‘Apostle of Chota Nagpur’, Constant Lievens was a Belgian missionary who ministered in Central India. Having Born in a farmer’s family, the experience in the agricultural fields was useful in his seven years of ministry among the tribal people of Central India mainly the Mundas, Oraons, and Kharias.

Birth: 11-04-1856
Home Calling: 07-11-1893
Native Place: Moorslede
Country: Belgium
Place of Vision: Central India

With a strong desire for overseas missionary work, Lievens joined the Society of Jesus and began his spiritual training in Bruges. He was sent to Asansol, West Bengal in 1880 for completion of theological training.

In 1885, Lievens was sent to Chota Nagpur Plateau where he learned the local language and their way of living. He then settled in Torpa, a few kilometers away from Ranchi. After preliminary observation, he found out that the tribal people were suffering financial burdens and physical exploitations by Jagirdars, Zamindars, and Thikedars.

Constant Lievens ministry in Central India

He realized that one way of reaching these people with practical Gospel was to help them redeem themselves from their miserable situation. So, he studied the customary tribal laws and British laws and defended their cases in courts. He helped them to gain back their lands and stand up for their rights. Many tribals saw him as a ‘savior’ for them and started accepting Lord Jesus as their personal savior.

With the motto of ‘Fire must burn’, Lievens untiringly traveled up and down the hills of Jharkhand ministering. He worked relentlessly for the development of the tribals of Jharkhand by providing them justice, education, and spiritual development. Few more missionaries arrived to help him. In two years, the number of Christians increased to 15,000.

In 1891, he was so consumed by the work that he contracted Tuberculosis. After spending some time recovering in Darjeeling, he came back to the Barwa area and Baptized 12000 more people. But a relapse of the disease proved fatal for him. Hoping to return to India, he left for Belgium in 1893 saying, “I have still much to do”. But God deemed it good for his servant to be called to Glory on 7th November 1893.

Beloved, is the spiritual fire burning in you?

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“Lord, I commit myself to fulfill whatever the ministry that has been left incomplete by Your servants. Amen!”

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