Edith Mary Brown

Edith Mary Brown was a British medical missionary to India. After losing her father at a very young age, she moved to London with her family where she graduated from Girton College, Cambridge. Inspired by her sister who was a missionary, Mary developed an interest in medical mission work. she joined the London School of Medicine in Edinburgh and graduated as a doctor of medicine in 1891.

Biography: Edith Mary Brown
Birth : 24.03.1864
Death : 06.12.1956
City : Cumberland
Country : England
Place of Vision : India

Mary recognized her call for the challenging missionary work and joined the Baptist Missionary Society. She was sent to India, where she arrived in 1891. She saw the dire need for medical and nursing care for, andby, women at a time when many of the women were under the hassles of the Purdah System.

Edith Mary Brown ministry in India

That was when she decided to educate the Indian women especially the midwives. For a short duration, she coordinated with other missions and provided medical care in the villages of Delhi and Punjab. Determined to trains the locals in modern medicine, she organized a medical missionaru conference in Ludhiana. With earnest efforts, she starte a medical school in a rented builing in Ludhiana.

Later, in 1894, mary established the North Indian School of Medicine for Christians Women, intending to train Indians in MEdical sciences. It was the first medical training facility for women in Asia, and mary became a pioneer in the instruction of Indian female doctors and midwives with moern western methods.

The institution which starte with four students and four faculty grew into Women’s Christians Medical College and then became Christian Medical college providing medical education for both girls and boys. Mary served people of all the faiths and she did do happily and earnestly. She rendered her services to each soul that was befitting a King, as she often said “My Work is for a King”. Her efforts saw many Indian women to have found salvtion in their spirit and health in their bodies. Edith Mary Brown

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“Lord, do with me what you will, only use me in the service of others, Amen!”

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