Ella Marie Maddock

Ella Marie Maddock biography, was one of the first qualified missionary nurses who served in India on behalf of the Disciples of Christ organization. She was born into an exemplary Christian family. Both Ella and her sister Mary were active members of the church and took leadership roles in different ministries.

Birth: 1865
Home Calling: 1909
Native Place: Ohio
Country : United States of America
Place of Vision: India

Ella lost her father when she was very young, and as the eldest child, the responsibility of taking care of the family fell on her shoulders. She pursued a nursing course after high school and served as a registered nurse in Ohio.

After several years of professional work, she joined the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and did practical missionary work.

Ella Marie Maddock ministry in India

She then applied to go as a missionary in the foreign lands and was sent to India to carry out the missionary work, especially among the women. She arrived in Bina in Madhya Pradesh in 1898. After spending some time in language study there, she served as a nurse in Bilaspur.

She then moved to Deogarh, a Hindu pilgrimage city in Odisha, and worked diligently among the women. She provided them medical care, looked after the leper colony, and helped children to grow in Christ. She also took a special interest in interacting with pilgrims that came to Deogarh and shared the Gospel with them.

Ella was an enthusiastic worker and usually worked beyond her limited strength. Unfavorable weather conditions and exhaustion took a toll on her body. She became ill because of a deadly disease and eventually went to be with her Lord in 1909. Inspired by her sister’s ministry, Mary too came to India and did missionary work for a brief period of time.

Beloved, does your life inspire your brother and sister to work for God?

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“Lord, make my life a blessing and an inspiration for others. Amen!”

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Ella Marie Maddock

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