Evalyn Gordon

Evalyn Gordon biography, Evalyn. M. Gordon was born in a family with a missionary service background. His maternal grandfather worked alongside William Carey in Serampore. After completing his education at Serampore College, Gordon started working in the ‘Bombay Guardian’ Newspaper. There he met Morton Adams, an American Missionary who motivated him to join the ‘Disciples of Christ’ mission in 1892.

Birth: –
Home Calling: 1908
Native Place: Calcutta
Country : India
Place of Vision: India

Immediately, Gordon was stationed at Mungeli, where he traveled to many villages preaching the gospel. He wrote a brief life of Christ in the Chhattisgarh dialect, which profoundly influenced the people reading it.

After much effort, he was finally able to win a gentile name Hira Lal for Christ. When people saw how Hira Lal overcame family hurdles and professed his faith in Christ, several others also started openly confessing their faith.

Evalyn Gordon ministry in India

Amid such budding ministry, Gordon found his suitable helper in Anna Dunn, whom he married in 1896. Trained in medicinal sciences, Anna began to assist Gordon in his ministry at Mungeli by mainly providing medical assistance to the people. Her love, patience, and skill in providing medical services attracted several people to Christ. Once, a young woman with a malignant tumor was admitted to her hospital.

The young woman’s mother saw Christ’s love in her service and was so impressed by her care that she became a Christian. Apart Hira Lal, Anna also trained several young women to serve as a nurse. She made sure that the gospel was preached each morning before the day’s medical work began.

During the terrible famine, the Gordon couple saved hundreds of children’s life. During their service, they established orphanages, leper homes, training centers, and Sunday schools. The ministry flourished, and the boundaries of the mission grew. After a thriving ministry in India, the couple retired to the United States in 1908. They spent the rest of their lives in active church work.

Beloved, does the world see Christ’s love in your service?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to mirror the love of Christ in all situations and spheres of life. Amen!”

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