Mary Louisa Clarke

Mary Louisa Clarke biography, was the eldest child of a large family in England and was the bread earner for her family. While others were pursuing worldly pleasures in their youth, Clarke dedicated her life to missionary work in India. She was sent by the ‘Disciples of Christ’ organization to India in 1900 to support Dr. Mary McGavran, an American missionary serving in India.

Birth: –
Home Calling: –
Homeland: England
Place of Vision: India

Although Clarke had no medical training, she quickly learned and became proficient in the medical ministry.

Mary Clarke worked in Damoh among Hindu and Muslim women. She intimately acquainted herself with the culture of the Indian women and accordingly taught them to improve their living conditions. She then moved to Kulpahar, where she took charge of a charity home for women and children.

Mary Louisa Clarke ministry in India

There she made efforts to uplift the broken lives of neglected women and babies. Her practical approach and administrative ability helped open a new life of hope for many forsaken women. To the children, she was a mother, and to the women, she became a loving sister and a friend.

In 1923, Clarke moved to Jhansi, where she worked with a group called ‘Bible Women.’ These women reached out to hundreds of Indian women who were not allowed to publicly appear and share the gospel with them. Then she had to move back to Damoh to manage the school activities. As a principal, she efficiently administered the schools when the funds were low.

Under her leadership, manual training classes for boys and girls were started. She had the reputation of being one of the most hospitable missionaries. An outstanding feature of Clarke’s service was her quiet dependability. Whatever work was entrusted to her, she did thoroughly.

Beloved, are you faithful in the task that has been entrusted to you?

Take away from the article

“Lord, give me the wisdom and strength to carry out the ministerial tasks with diligence. Amen!”

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