Silas Mead

Silas Mead biography, was an English Baptist Missionary who served in Australia. Born into a farming family, Mead was more interested in Godly life than pursuing his family profession. He was baptized at the age of 15 and soon started preaching Gospel in his city and also at the church. He joined Regents Park College to attain a degree in theology. There he met Joseph Angus, the college principal, who really broadened Mead’s outlook towards the ministry.

Birth: 16-08-1834
Home Calling: 13-09-1909
Native Place: Somerset
Country : England
Place of Vision: Australia

After his graduation, Mead applied to join the Baptist Missionary Society but was rejected. However, an opportunity came knocking when a group of Australian believers sought a pastor to serve among them.

Encouraged by Angus, Mead immediately accepted the invitation and reached Adelaide in 1861. Although Mead was not one of the most appealing preachers, he was filled with immense evangelistic zeal. Along with his wife, he labored hard to bring the natives to Christ.

Silas Mead ministry in Australia

Soon he constructed the ‘Flinder Street Baptist Church,’ and within 5 years, there were 263 members in the church. As the ministry was flourishing, Mead had to face personal disappointments. He was devastated by the loss of his wife due to Typhoid fever. He had five children to raise and a flourishing church to handle.

But he never took his foot back and continued to expand the ministry beyond Adelaide. He established and led the South Australia Baptist Association to unite, revive and expand the Baptist Mission. He believed that Christian disunity was a severe limitation on the spread of the Gospel. He encouraged spiritually grown believers to leave their churches and move to remote areas to plant new churches.

Mead was also the driving force behind establishing the South Australia Baptist Missionary Society and commissioning Furreedpore Mission in India. Later, his own son, Cecil Mead, came to India to serve the same mission. Even in his old age, the indefatigable missionary continued to lead and advise several organizations until he was called to glory in 1909.

Beloved, where is your interest? In Godly life or worldly professions?

Take away from the article

“Lord, despite my personal disappointments, help me to always find happiness in serving You. Amen!”

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