Benjamin Schultze
Missionaries of South India

Benjamin Schultze – Biography

About: Prayer : “Lord, help me gain proficiency in other languages that I can proclaim the gospel to others, Amen!” – Tyson Paul Benjamin Schultze – Biography Take Away : Beloved, what efforts do you make to preach Jesus Christ to others ? Check out the best deals in Amazon via #AmazonInfluencer Benjamin Schultze – Biography […]

david sankey
Missionaries of England

Ira David Sankey

Ira David Sankey is a gospel singer and composer, known for his long association with Dwight L. Moody. Sankey was an amateur singer an church worker when Moody recruited him in 1870 after he heard him sing at a convention in Indiana. Until Moody’s death in 1899, the two campaigned together, where Moody preached, and […]

Clara Swain
Missionaries of India

Dr. Clara Swain

Dr. Clara Swain – First Physician & Missionary, Oppurtunities and responsibilities are not always given to everyone. We certainly need to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way. When we reach high positions in life, it is necessary for us as Christians to do as much evangelistic work as we can in that […]

Charles Mead
Missionaries of South India

Rev Charles Mead

Rev Charles Mead called the ‘Father of the South Travancore Mission’. During his first missionary from England to India, at a very young age. He lost his wife, three months old child in a span of few days. Inspired by others who lost their possessions and lives for missionary work charles mead accepted his losses […]