Ashbel Green Simonton

Ashbel Green Simonton biography, was an American pioneer missionary to start the first protestant church in Brazil. He was consecrated for God’s work by his mother and was raised in a Godly environment. He was a teacher by profession and also pursued an education in law. However, God answered his mother’s prayers and powerfully spoke to him at a revival meeting in 1855.

Birth: 20-01-1833
Home Calling: 09-12-1867
Native Place: Pennsylvania
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: Brazil

In obedience to God’s call, he gave up his flourishing career and went to Princeton Seminary for theological training. Whilst there, he was deeply moved by the sermon of Dr. Charles Hodge to do missionary work in foreign lands. Prayerfully he offered his services to the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, which recruited him for missionary ministry in Brazil.

Arriving in Rio de Janeiro in 1859, he began evangelistic work, especially among children. he organized the first Sunday School with 5 children. He also started a Bible study with only two believers. His preaching of salvation in Christ by faith alone was new to the local Catholics.

Ashbel Green Simonton ministry in Brazil

Many were convinced about the biblical explanations of Heaven and Hell and gradually gave up their ritualistic Christianity. Among them was a Catholic priest, José Manoel who got baptized by Ashbel and later became his associate in the ministry.

Apart from ministry in Rio, Ashbel toured coastal cities establishing churches and seminaries. He mainly focused on rural ministry to win the souls of the natives and train them so that they could look after the church. This resulted in the emergence of a strong national pastorate.

“The work is so perfectly hopeless by mere human agency that they who undertake it must either find support by resting upon the power of God or else despair.”- were the words of Ashbel when he landed in Brazil. Relying completely on the Sovereign power of the Almighty, in seven short years of his ministry in Brazil, he accomplished a lot. In 1867, he contracted fatal yellow fever and went to be with the Lord at the young age of 34.

Beloved, are you resting on the power of God while ministering?

Take away from the article

“Lord, fill me with Your power. Help me to run and not grow weary, to walk and not grow faint. Amen!”

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