Lyman Jewett

Lyman Jewett biography, was an American Baptist Missionary known for his ministry among the Telugu people and his contribution towards translating Bible into Telugu. At the age of eight, he started working on his father’s farm. The patience he learned while he waited for the crop to be ready for harvesting was actually God’s way of preparing him for the ministry. After his graduation in 1843, he joined the Newton Theological Institution to train for the ministry. During this period, he became burdened for the Telugu people in India.

Birth Date: 09.03.1813
Home calling: 07.01.1897
Native Place: Maine, United States
Place of Vision: Andhra Pradesh, India

Jewett arrived at Nellore in 1849 and joined Dr. Samuel Day, the founder of the Telugu American Baptist mission. Jewett was so committed to learning Telugu, that by the end of nine months he began preaching directly in Telugu.

He traveled on his pony to villages surrounding Nellore as far as Ongole and preached the Gospel. His wife Finette Jewett used to manage the Nellore Boarding School.

Despite his sincere efforts, there were only 2 believers after 3 years of ministry. The American Baptist Board considered the Telugu mission to be a failed project and wanted to diverge their funds to other successful missions in Burma.

But Jewett said that he would happily continue to work among the Telugus even if the Board decides to discontinue funding, and if need be, die there. Impressed by Jewett’s decision to stay in Nellore, the Board not only continued to fund the mission but also sent John E. Clough to assist him.

Lyman Jewett ministry in Andhra Pradesh, India

Gradually, the fruits of his consistent labor started showing up. Most importantly he trained the few believers he won for Christ to be zealous ministers of God, who were responsible for the rapid expansion of God’s Kingdom later. Jewett also made important contributions to the revision and translations of the Telugu Bible.

In 1885, after a long and fruitful life spent in God’s service, Jewett returned to America due to an illness. In his feebleness too, he continued to serve God till his death in 1897.

Beloved, despite the discouraging results, are you patient and faithful in your ministry?

Take away from the article

Lord, help me not be discouraged by the results but be faithful in my responsibilities. Amen!

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