Margaret Nicholl Laird

Margaret Nicholl Laird biography, Inspirations to translate Bible into different languages are many. A 25-year-old young missionary was teaching the people of Bangassou in the Central African Republic how to read and write. After persevering tirelessly, one of her students was able to read John 3:16. Immediately the student exclaimed, “The paper talked to me!” The missionary replied,” Yes, that’s God’s message of love for you.” “Does God speak my language?” was his next question. This motivated her to translate the Bible into the Sango language. The young missionary was Margaret Nicholl Laird.

Birth: 31-07-1897
Home Calling: June 1983
Native Place: Colorado
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: Central African Republic

Raised in a God-fearing family, Margaret desired to be a medical missionary and pursued a nursing course in Denver. Inspired by Hudson Taylor to serve God on faith lines, she joined Baptist Mid-Mission who then sent her to Ubangi-Shari in Central Africa. There she married another missionary Guy Laird and together they translated the Bible into the Sango language for the next 30 years.

Impressed by their courage, the French Government requested them to work among Banda tribes in Ippy. The Banda tribes were fierce cannibals who had previously devoured three French missionaries. However, the missionary couple prayerfully agreed to go work among those savages.

Margaret Nicholl Laird ministry in Central Africa

Margaret’s first experience in Ippy was horrific. She witnessed villagers burying their chief along with 300 of his wives alive. Yet, she lovingly, and fearlessly invited the locals into her home and life. She trusted in God’s sovereignty to protect her while she nursed and provided medical aid to the sick and dying. Once she cured a village chief, who then became instrumental in guiding his villagers to Salvation.

Margaret lost her husband for the lack of hospitals in that area. That did not disappoint her but propelled her to pray, “God, give me a hospital at Ippy.” At the end of 40 years of service, she was not only running a hospital but also started a nursing training program. Margaret who was lovingly called “Kota Mama” (Big Mother) returned to America in 1964 and rested in the Lord in 1983.

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