Samuel J Mills

Samuel J Mills biography, was a son of a pastor in Connecticut. His mother was a devout Christian who dedicated him to God’s ministry and diligently steered him in that direction. Inspired by the lives of John Eliot and David Brainerd, Mills committed his life for the missionary purpose. He entered Williams College in 1806 to prepare for the ministry.

Birth: 12-04-1783
Home Calling: 16-06-1818
Native Place: Connecticut
Country : United States of America
Place of Vision: United States of America

He was a wise student, active, zealous, self-sacrificing, and devoted to good works. Mills had a habit of meeting his four other pious friends in a secluded grove in the college every Saturday and pray for missions.

On one such Saturday, their meeting was interrupted by a thunderstorm. Hence, they had taken shelter near a haystack and continued to pray.

Samuel J Mills ministry in United States of America

That prayer led to the formation of the ‘Society of Brethren’ with an intention to promote foreign missions. Many students became a part of this society, including the likes of Samuel Newell and Adoniram Judson. In 1801, four of these, including Mills, appeared before the Congregational General Association of Massachusetts and offered themselves to be foreign missionaries. And that’s how the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) came into existence.

After graduating from Andover Theological Seminary in 1812, Mills undertook two missionary tours in western and southern America. His reports of his missionary tours led to the awakening of the American churches that ultimately led to the formation of the American Home Missionary Society in 1826. Recognizing the dire needs of Bibles in the country, Mills worked to unite the independent Bible societies and was instrumental in the formation American Bible Society in 1816.

Despite his intense ministry in America, he never lost his desire to become a foreign missionary. Finally, he was chosen to expand the missionary activity of The American Colonization Society in Western Africa. Joyfully he set sail in a ship, but before he could carry out his mission, he was taken ill with fever. The young missionary died on shipboard on June 16, 1818.

Beloved, are you keeping yourself busy ministering to God in your place?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to be wise, active, zealous, self-sacrificing and devoted to good works. Amen!”

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