William Whiting Borden

William Whiting Borden, During the summer in America, vast pastures go ablaze and create heavy losses. When one such inferno occured, a household living in the forest left behind all their belongings and ran for their lives. After the fire was put down, they returned to their home and found a hen wholly burnt. When one of them tried to move the burnt hen, surprisingly, several chickens came out its wings with no burns at all.

Birth : 01.11.1887
Death : 09.04.1913
Town : Chicago
Country : America
Place of Vision : China

The hen sacrificed its life and saved the chicken. Likewise, Jesus Christ shed his blood to save the people of the world. Nevertheless, this great truth is yet to be conveyed to many people. William Whiting Border offered himself to reveal this loving truth to the people of China who were ignorant of the love of Christ.

William Whiting Border ministry in China

He was born into a prominent and wealthy family and did his graduation from Yale University. During his first year in college, he created a prayer group and proclaimed God’s love among the students. The prayer group had 150 students out of a total of 1300 students of the collage joined the prayer groups.

Border made it his habit to seek out the most “incorrigible” students and try to bring them to salvation. He founded Yale Hope Mission to care for the orphans, widows and to rehabilitate drunkards. After completing his studies, Border turned own some high-paying job offers.

He intended to become a missionary to Uyghur Muslims in northwestern China. So. he decided first to study Islam and Arabic in Egypt along with his friend Samuel Zwemer. He also spend time distributing Christian sermons on the streets. But unfortunately, he fell sick and died there at the age of 26. William Whiting Borden

Beloved, will you forward to fulfill ministry left unaccomplished by William Border

Take away from the article

Lord! I will bravely proclaim your gospel in the places you reveal to me.

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