C W Gericke

Christian Wilhelm Gericke

Christian W Gericke, Great missionaries have always endured sufferings and troubles in their mission fields. Christian W Gericke was born in Pomerania in 1742 and studied theology at Halle University. He taught in an orphanage and supported the orphans, widows, and the people rejected by the community. BiographyBirth: 05.04.1742Death: Oct, 1803Native: Kolobrzeg, PomeraniaCountry: GermanyPlace of…

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Clara Swain

Dr. Clara Swain

Dr. Clara Swain – First Physician & Missionary, Oppurtunities and responsibilities are not always given to everyone. We certainly need to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way. When we reach high positions in life, it is necessary for us as Christians to do as much evangelistic work as we can in that…

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