“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans. 8:31).

When Jesus instructed His disciples in faith, He told them to speak to the mountain (Mark 11:23). The occasion for this lesson was a dead fig tree Jesus had just spoken to the day before. In another teaching on faith, the Lord told His disciples to speak to a sycamore tree and command it to be plucked up (Luke 17:6). Are you beginning to understand? Faith works as we speak against problems.

When Joshua needed more daylight to finish his battle against five kings, he commanded the sun and moon to stand still (Josh. 10:12). Paul joins with Joshua, Jesus, and others when he tells us to speak to the circumstances of life and say, “If God be for me, you can’t be against me” (Rom. 8:31). Jesus didn’t pray to God to heal; He spoke to sickness and demons and commanded them to go. I can’t find a single place where Jesus prayed for sickness. But over and over again, I see that He spoke to sickness.

If we can speak to mountains, trees, sickness, and the circumstances of life, they must be able to hear! Jesus said the sycamore tree would obey Why not speak to your cancer as if it has ears? Speak to them and say, “ Cancer, if God be for me, you cannot be against me. I rebuke you and command you to leave this body in the name of Jesus. Come out by the roots, and be cast into the sea!” Jesus said they will obey you!*

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