Andrew Fuller biography

Andrew Fuller biography, As the sun started to rise in the morning, twelve people were praying together, when God gave them a beautiful vision. They unanimously agreed to fulfill the vision of God, and that’s how the BMS (Baptist Missionary society) came into existence in 1792.


Birth : 06.02.1754
Death : 07.05.1815
City: Cambridge shire
Country: England
Place of Vision: England

Andrew Fuller played a vital tole in the founding of the Baptist Missionary Society. He serves as the director of the society for more than 22 years and worked hard for its growth.

Through he did not have any formal degree in the theology, he was appreciated by many Bible scholars of his time for his ability of exposition ans exhortation.

His book, ‘The Gospel Worthy of all Acceptance,’ encourages and challeneges us for missionary work. William carey was a close friehnd of Andrew Fuller, who was much motivated by the book.

Joining in Baptist doctrine:

Andrew Fuller joined a Baptist church at the age of 16 and became its pastor at the age of 21. All his life, he served his pastoral duties with great care and vision. He traveled to several countries preaching the Gospel. He believed in expanding God’s Kingdom by sending several missionaries to different parts of the world.

Through his writings and sermons, he ignited a thirst for missionary work among the people. His efforts saw the rise of several misssionaries who went on to shake the entire world through their committed ministries.

Andrew Fuller was gifted with the ability to make accurate decisions. He used to think deeply, act wisely, and talk slowly. He was a boxer when he was young but later devoted all his strength to do Lord’s work, in the best manner possible.

Beloved, are you willing to spend your strength for Lord’s Work?

Take Away

“Lord, I offer myself and all the strength that is within me to carry out your work, Amen”

Word of Prayer

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Andrew Fuller biography

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