Benjamin Hobson

Benjamin Hobson biography, Many Christian missionaries used social services like education, medical treatment, etc. as means of evangelism. But some carried away from evangelism to rendering only social services. Benjamin Hobson was among those who did not lose their focus on evangelism while providing physical services. It depicts that our earthly service should be Christ-centered.

Birth: 02-01-1816
Home Calling: 16-02-1873
Native Place: Welford, Northamptonshire
Country: England
Place of Vision: China

Benjamin Hobson was a British medical missionary who served in China. After his medical studies and training, Hobson joined the London Missionary Society. In 1839, the 23 years old young missionary reached Macao, China, along with his wife.

Hobson began his service at a hospital in Macao overseen by the Medical Missionary Society. Though it was dangerous for a British missionary he continued to serve in Macao even during the First Anglo-Chinese War (1839-42) and demonstrated his commitment as a medical missionary.

During that time, he focused on helping people suffering due to famine, smallpox, cholera, leprosy, and opium addiction.

Benjamin Hobson ministry in China

Hobson moved to Hong Kong in 1843 to establish the Medical Missionary Hospital Hong Kong. Due to his wife’s illness, Hobson returned to England in 1845 but lost her before they reached England. He returned to Hong Kong in 1847 but moved to Canton (present Guangzhou) in 1848 as he perceived that Canton, a place less tolerant toward Christian missionaries than Hong Kong, was in greater need. The Second Anglo-Chinese War (1856-60) caused the closure of his hospital and forced him to leave Canton. So, he took refuge in Hong Kong and later moved to Shanghai in 1857. He served there till his return to England due to ill health in 1859.

Benjamin Hobson was a significant person in the history of medicine in China. He was the first Protestant writer of science in the Chinese language and authored several books. He also trained many Chinese medical students. His works not only helped revolutionize Chinese medicine but also had a great influence on Japanese medicine. The base for all his services in science was his Christian faith. His focus on evangelism made rendering medical services a way to share his faith with people in spiritual need.

Beloved, whatever the service you do, are you focusing on meeting the spiritual need of the people?

Take away from the article

“Lord, let my earthly service be Christ-centered. Amen!”

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