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Elizabeth fry, There was a crowd. Everyone’s fingers were pointing at a women But in thier midst, there were two hands which embraced her with love and His eyes were overflowing with compassion. Isn’t it the love of Christ? Aren’t we bound to show such love? Where away or are we coming forward to embrace them with the love of Christ and to change those deplorable lives?

Birth : 21-05-1980
Death : 12-10-1845
Birth place : Norwich
Country : England
Place of vision : England

Newgate prison in London. Carts started to move from there onto the London streets. People were throwing filth at those who were sitting on the carts. They were the women prisoners bound in chains, being taken in open carts.

Only one voice rose for them and brought the change to take the prisoners in closed carriages, That was the voice of Elizabeth Fry.

Elizabeth Fry contributions to the country

Elizabeth (Betsy) Fry was a british Philanthropist and an English prison reformer. When she first visited Newgte prison in 1813 her heart became heavy seeing the awful condition of the women prisoners and their children. She supplied them with clothes and food, established a prision school for their children and a chapel inside the prison.

She also taught them skills like sewing and quilting. she helped them to receive freedom for their soul by knowing the truths of the Bible. Touched by her Christ-like love and the Word of God, many prisoners repented and turned to God.

Once Elizabeth saw a young boy’s body lying in the street in winter. The result was the establishment of night shelters for the homeless. Impressed by her services, Queen Victoria made donations for her work. Her prison reform ideas were also promoted in other European countries. Her work inspired the subsequent missionaries to combine social work with gospel proclamation.

Beloved, is your life inspiring others?”

Take away from the article

Lord, fill me with Your love to work for the upliftment of those who are in pitful condition. Amen!”

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