Evan John Roberts

Evan John Roberts, Evan Roberts was the younger of the two sons of Henry and Hannah Roberts. Brought up in a Calvinistic Methodist home, he was a God-fearing child and attended the church regularly. At a very young age, he started working in coal mines with his father and later apprenticed as a blacksmith.

Birth : 08.06.1878
Death : 29.01.1951
City : Loughor, Wales
Country : United Kingdom
Place of Vision : United Kingdom

While working, it was not unusual for Evan to pray on his knees in the dust of the coal mine. He taught at the ragged school(school for poor children)set up for miners’ children and catered of their spiritual needs.

Evan was a man of prayer and spent long nights on his knees. One night as he was praying, he strangley started shivering and thought he was ill. But soon the shivering subsided, and he felt the presence of God in his room.

Evan John Roberts ministry at Newcastle Emlyn college

He experienced the divine communion with God for about four hours which changed his life. He knew the purpose of God for his life and begun studying for the ministry at Newcastle Emlyn college in 1904. While attending one of the services of Seth Joshua, Evn was deeply moved by the spirit of God. He in turn conducted a series of revival meetings between November 1904 and january 1906.

His sermons were mainly centered on the confession of sins, the profession of fith, an implicit obedience to the Holy Spirit. A powerful spiritual awakening spread through Wales and thousands were converted and added to the church.

Evan was a humble man who was brimming over with powerful zeal to serve God. His willingness to be obedient to God’s leading and readiness to be on his knees made him a powerful intrusment of revival in the church. he once sadi that he prayed for 13 hours continuously for God to move Wales. Evan also composed many poems and hymns. He spent his final years fully committed to the ministry of intercession. Evan John Roberts

Beloved, is your prayer and ministry reviving others?

Take away from the article

Lord, revive me first so that I may become an instrument of revival in my household, community and the church. Amen!

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