Frederick William Savidge

Frederick William Savidge biography, The Mizo tribes in Mizoram were once notorious for being hopeless savages. Even the Britishers didn’t dare to venture into the Lushai Hills. The tribes were constantly warring and practiced demon sacrifices. But would you believe that today 87% of Mizos are Christians? Yes, they were not hopeless in the sight of God and He sent his servants to redeem them from sin.

Birth: 1862
Home Calling: 28-09-1935
Native Place: Cambridgeshire
Country : England
Place of Vision: North-East India

Frederick William Savidge was a pioneer missionary among the Mizo tribes. He had a Ph. D. degree and was working as a schoolmaster in London. There he came to know about the need for missionaries in North-East India and immediately resigned from his job.

He reached Bengal in 1891 but it took almost another 3 years to reach Mizoram. Along with his friend James Herbert Lorrain he set out on a dangerous journey to spread the message of peace.

Frederick William Savidge ministry in India

First, he was supposed to start the missionary work in Tripura, but the local Maharaja didn’t allow him to enter his territory. So, he journeyed to Chittagong and waited for permission to enter Mizoram. But as the Lushai tribes were constantly at war, he couldn’t enter the territory and had to settle in a nearby Kasalong village.

There, he experienced hunger, terrors of the wild, and terrible illness. Although he was advised to return to England for the sake of his health, the undeterred missionary chose to stay back. Finally, they arrived in Aizwal in January 1894. Savidge immediately took up education work and his first priority was to create Mizo alphabets. By April 1894, Savidge started a small school to educate the locals.

Later he briefly served in Arunachal Pradesh and again came back to southern Mizoram. There apart from immense Gospel work, he untiringly ran schools, social services, and dispensaries. The Kingdom of God flourished and so did the all-around development. After 35 years of intense ministry, Savidge retired in 1925 and went to be with the Lord in 1935.

Beloved, are you ready to give up your valuable degrees to serve God?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to utilize the opportunities to do the missionary work. Amen!”

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