George henry borrow

George henry borrow, George Borrow was the son of a soldier in British army. From early youth, he had a passion, and an extraordinary capacity, for learning languages. By the age of 12, he learned to read Latin and Greek from a protestant academy. With his linguistic skills and writing capability, he pursued his career in writing and authored several popular novels.

Birth : 05-07-1803
Death : 26-07-1881
Place : Dereham
Country : England
Place of vision : Europe

But God had different plans for his talents. In 1832 he was recruited by the British and Foreign Bible Society as an agent and a traveling missionary in the United kingdom. Next year he set out on his first mission to translate and introduce scriptures in Russia.

George Henry Borrow ministry in Spain

He mastered the Manchu language and corrected the earlier translations of the New Testament. He translated several other Christian literary works and finished transcribing the Old Testament. Soon after that, he set off to spain in 1835 to supervise the printing and distribution of Bibles. It was a Chaotic time in Spain with wars and revolution.

Amidst the unrest and hostility, Borrow, worked with great enthusiasm and courage for God. there he first translated the Luke Gospel into Spanish Romani which annoyed the Spanish authorities. He was imprisioned twice for endeavouring to circulate the Gospel.

He suffered hunger, cold, wounded feet, and long hours of indoor labor. Nevertheless, he made two more expeditions to Spain and Portugl to fulfill his duties on behalf of the Bible soceity. he narrated the account of his Spain Mission in his much-acclaimed book ‘The Bible in Spain’.

He had a special concern for gypsies and nomads. He befriended them and learned their language. Although most of them have not been published, he translated the New Testament into 30 Nomadic languages. It is said that by the time he died in 1881 he knew almost 100 languages which he could either speak or write.

Beloved, do you have the burden for the people who don’t have the Bible in their language?

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Lord, help me to use the talents I have in Your Ministry. Amen !

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