Harold St. John

Harold St. John biography, ministry, missionary. was one of the most gifted Bible teachers of his days. He was brought up in God’s fear, and at the age of 18, he accepted Christ as his personal savior. Since then, he had a habit of preaching the Gospel to everyone he met. Harold wanted to study at Oxford University but couldn’t because of his father’s untimely death.

Birth: 02-09-1876
Home Calling: 11-05-1957
Homeland: United Kingdom
Place of Vision: Across the World

Later, he obtained work in a bank in London. Despite long working hours, he devoted his spare time to preaching the Gospel.

Harold St. John preached in East London and in Hyde Park but was particularly interested in working in slums. But he felt that people were not convinced by his preaching’s and weren’t responding much. Then he understood that if he dressed in silk and preached the sufferings of Christ, nobody would listen to him.

Harold St. John ministry across the World

So, one evening he wore the cheapest clothing and went to the slum lodging where some 200 people were staying. He sat where they sat, and the fleas that bit them bit him; he ate what they ate. He spent that entire night listening to their needs and woes. Then at six o’clock one morning, he arose and began to speak to them. Now the people seemed to be much convinced after listening to his preaching. That day a revival broke out in London slums.

He resigned from his well-paid job and devoted himself to full-time ministry. He did the same kind of ministry for the next 30 years, earning thousands of people for Christ. Along with his wife, he traveled to places like Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina to preach the Gospel.

With powerful anointment of the spirit, Harold drew huge crowds in all the places he went. He spent the rest of his life as an itinerant missionary. Just before he died, he murmured, “When I go in to see the King, it will be very bright…the King in His beauty… it’s all gone, all my sins, all my fears…only Christ now…I’m the happiest man alive…It’s all bright, all bright!”

Beloved, is your lifestyle represents the sufferings of Christ?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to first practice the Word before I preach. Amen!”

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