James Herbert Lorrain

James Herbert Lorrain biography, In 1890, the story of a six-year-old British girl abducted by the dangerous Mizo tribes was published in a newspaper. A Christian telegraphist reading it was not angry at the Mizo tribes, but was filled with a burden for changing their lives for Christ. He was James Herbert Lorrain, who is known for his ministry among the North-Eastern tribes of India.

Birth: 06-02-1870
Home Calling: 01-07-1944
Homeland: England
Place of Vision: North East India

Lorrain was a Godly young man and had a successful job in London. However, God’s love within him for the Mizo tribes compelled him to resign his job and minister among them. He arrived in Calcutta in 1891 and met Frederick William Savidge, who had a similar burden for the Mizo tribes. Together they persisted on a very dangerous journey until they reached Mizoram.

Lorrain’s first attempt of reaching Mizoram via Tripura was not successful due to constant tribal wars in those regions. Somehow, he reached Kasalong, the nearest village to Aizawl, and set his tent out the city. Choosing to walk in the steps of his Master, Lorrain suffered outside the gates of the city for several months to reach these people with Gospel.

James Herbert Lorrain ministry in North East India

Serious sickness too could not deter this young missionary who finally entered Aizawl on 11th January 1894. This day is now observed as “Missionary Day” in Mizoram. Such was his impact on these tribes.

Initially, the Mizo tribes were suspicious of Lorraina and avoided any engagement with him. But some were impressed by this white man who was fluently speaking their Lushai language. Soon, Lorrain along with Savidge devised alphabets for their language and translated Gospels into Lushai. The Word of God powerfully spread among the people. Once the savages, now became loyal, literate, and progressive communities.

Lorrain also led pioneer missions to Lakher tribes along with his brother Reginald Arthur Lorrain. He believed in dual conversion, first from heathens to Christians and second, from Christians to Christian leaders. Today, Mizoram has flourishing autonomous churches with indigenous church leaders due to his efforts.

Beloved, are you able to overcome your anger and minister to those who hurt you?

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“Lord, help me to readily forgive those who hurt me and show them Your love. Amen!”

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