John Rogers

John Rogers, He was a religious reformer and the first protestant martyr during the reign of Queen Mary I. Rogers graduated in Arts from Pembroke Hall, Cambridge University in 1526. He worked as a rector in ‘Holy Trinity the Less’ church in London for a couple of years. Later he moved to Antwerp in 1534 where he became a chaplain to the English merchants.

Birth: 1505
Death: 04-02-1555
Country: England
Place of Vision: England

At Antwerp, he became acquainted with William Tyndale and Miles Coverdale who introduced him to the facts and truths of the scriptures. He became convinced that certain teachings of the Catholic Church were wrong.

He joined Tyndale in forwarding the translation of the Holy Scriptures. It is believed that Tyndale left a manuscript of the English translation of Bible books from Joshua to Chronicles, which were not yet published, in Rogers’ keeping.

John Rogers ministry in England

Rogers worked hard for several months and finally got published a new version of the Bible in 1537 under the pseudo name Thomas Matthew. He then left for Wittenberg, Germany, where he pastored a congregation for a few years. Then he returned home during the reign of Edward VI and was appointed as a divinity lecturer at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. After the ascension of Queen Mary I, the conditions became unsufferable for the protestant Christians.

Rogers was arrested for preaching against the Catholic Church warning them of “pestilent Popery, idolatry, and superstition.” At the Newgate prison, he was offered a pardon if he were to recant his beliefs, to which he refused. On this same day (4th February) in 1555, Rogers was burnt to death at a stake at Smithfield.

The blood of Rogers and other martyrs became the seed of the protestant church. Instead of being intimidated by the severity of their sufferings, many people were encouraged to look into the cause for which these pious men laid down their lives and turned from ignorant ways and accepted Christ.

Beloved, are you leading the ignorant people to the light of the Gospel truth?

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“Lord, help me to reflect your light so that others can walk in the truth. Amen!”

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