Mary Bird

Mary Bird biography, Mary Rebecca Stewart Bird was a British Missionary who served the Lord in Iran. Mary committed her life to missionary work at the tender age of 5 years, when she heard about Africa from her father’s missionary friend. Such was her faithfulness to the commitment that, she refused a marriage proposal to the one whom she had affection for.

Birth: 1859
Home Calling: 16-08-1914
Native Place: Durham
Country: England
Place of Vision: Julfa and Isfahan, Iran

After a few months of missionary training in London, she left for Persia in 1891. There she spent the initial few days learning local languages. Soon, Mary started a dispensary to provide medical aid to the women, which became a base for evangelism.

Her ways of contextualizing any situation as an opportunity for the Gospel are inspiring.

In 1893, a woman came to be treated with her 8-year-old daughter. She complained to Mary that her daughter doesn’t respond at night when she calls for help. When Mary asked the daughter the reason for not responding, she replied that she was afraid of the dark.

Immediately, Mary shared with the little girl, how Jesus is always awake and can be her friend. The next morning, the mother had all praises for Mary. While getting discharged, she asked, whether Jesus can be the friend of other children in her village.

Mary Bird ministry in Iran

Mary made sure that after every treatment she prayed for patients. A young boy named Abbas was filled with so much hope with Mary’s prayers, that after his recovery, he opened his house to conduct Bible Classes. Once a Muslim woman asked her that why had she not come sooner to talk about the Biblical truth. This challenged Mary to encourage other Godly women to take up missionary work in Muslim countries.

Mary did all this ministry amid severe opposition and threats from the local Mullahs. Attempts were made to kill her by poisoning. Yet, she continued her medical and evangelical work among the Persian woman. Mary who was lovingly called ‘Khánum Maryam,’ went to be with the Lord due to Typhoid Fever in 1914.

Beloved, are you ready to sacrifice your worldly affections to serve your Lord?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to prioritize You and Your work above every relationship. Amen!”

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