Theodore Maxwell

Theodore Maxwell biography, Kashmir Mission Hospital started by Dr. William Elmslie, a Scottish Medical Missionary, came to a halt after his home calling. Given the topographical challenge Kashmir posed and persecution of Christian missionaries there made it much difficult for the Church Missionary Society to recruit missionaries in Elmslie’s place. But they found a young medical missionary who eagerly answered their request. He was Dr. Theodore Maxwell.

Birth: 1847
Home Calling: 13-02-1914
Homeland: England
Place of Vision: Jammu and Kashmir, India

Theodore was born in a God-fearing family and was a well-educated person, having degrees in the field of science, arts, and medicine. While he was working as a physician in England, he developed an interest in medical missionary work.

Although his maternal uncle died in a war in Delhi, he did not think twice to go to serve in India. He married Elizabeth Eyre Ashley in late 1873 and left for Kashmir in early 1874.

After almost two years of gap, Maxwell restarted the medical mission in Kashmir. In May 1874 he opened a dispensary where he consulted and treated hundreds of native people every day.

With his good conduct and immense medical services, he earned the favor of the same Maharaja who once persecuted Elmslie. The Maharaja provided him with the site and expenses to build the hospital in Drugjan.

Theodore Maxwell ministry in India

Through divine guidance, Maxwell prayerfully dedicated the Kashmir Mission Hospital for the welfare of the people. He served in the meekness of wisdom amongst the Kashmiris for two years beyond his strength. His good relationship with the Maharaja actually opened up opportunities for other missionaries’ ministry in Kashmir.

He was instrumental in streamlining the local doctors into western medical services who were then considered to ‘fit for nothing.’ With utmost discernment, he also used the medical ministry as the medium for Gospel propagation.

The two years of ministry took an extreme toll on his health and he had to return to England. There he continued to use his gift of medical knowledge to serve God and humanity till his last breath.

Beloved, are you aware that your good conduct can be an effective door of the Gospel?

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“Lord, help me to conduct myself in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Amen!”

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