William Wilberforce Biography

william wilberforce biography, God has a plan and purpose for every person born in this world. If we fulfill that purpose, only then we can enter the heavenly kingdom. But the question is, how do we understand his purpose? We can understand them only if we prayerfully read the bible.


Birth: 24.08.1759
Death : 29.07.1833
City: Hull
Country: England
Place of Vision: England

Abolishment of Slave Trade in England:

God performed great and mighty things through William willberforce. Its was a time when slavery and oppression were reampant in the country of England. The economy of the entire country was dependent on the works of these slaves. The concept of ‘Equality’ was foun to be unimagenable. The slaves were not considered as humans and were treated worser than animals.

Willaim Wilberforce was brought a faith at the age of 12. Later while he was still young, he joined politics and became a member of parliament in 1784. The immoral acts found in politics were nbearable to him. however, he was determined to fulfill the two great purposes that God has set before him: ‘the suppression of the salve trade and the reformation the morality in people.

He began his revival work on the firm basis of biblical evidence. Numorous trails and tribulations prevented him from doing his job. He was a target of tirades and assassination threats. Yet with the joint efforts of like-minded people he brought about a great reformation in England.

He was associated with the likes of John Newton who himself was a missionary fighting against the slavery.

His Efforts to Free from Slavery

His untiring efforts brought a revolution in England which led to the abolishment of slave trade. A law was finally passed against slavery. He brought about a moral transformation in the mindsets of the people to live in equality and prosperity. Wilberforce used the teachings of the Bible and evangelicalism as the powerful weapons to bring the change in the society.

“Lord use me also as a weapon to eradicate slavery in any form, Amen!”

Word of Prayer

William Wilberforce biography

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