A. Macdonald Westwater

A. Macdonald Westwater biography, During the Boxer’s rebellion in China in the late 1800s, Christian missions and native Christians bore the brunt of the savage hatred of the Chinese soldiers. As this rebellion was gradually dying down, the Russians invaded Northern China for imperial expansion destroying whatever survived. Among the very few missionaries who chose to stay in China during such tumultuous times was Dr. A. Macdonald Westwater.

Birth: –
Home Calling: –
Homeland: Scotland
Place of Vision: Northern China

Dr. Westwater was a presbyterian missionary from Scotland who did medical ministry in the Manchurian region of China. Initially, he worked at Haicheng and later moved to Liaoyang and established a hospital ” Free Healing Hall”. There ”the blind saw, the lame walked, the deaf heard, and all were counseled to virtue.”

But Boxer’s rebellion forced him to halt his work temporarily. Instead of leaving China, he joined the Russian Red Cross Society and provided much-needed medical attention to both Chinese and Russian casualties.

When the Russian forces reached Liaoyang and were ready to destroy it, Dr. Westwater requested the Russian general to allow him to persuade the Liaoyang citizens to surrender peacefully. When Liaoyang citizens saw Dr. Westwater coming, although they were angry at him for taking the enemy’s side, they remembered his selfless work among them in the past. They listened to him and surrendered to Russians peacefully.

A. Macdonald Westwater ministry in China

If not for Dr. Westwater’s intervention, thousands would have died that day. So, Liaoyang citizens hailed him as the ‘Savior of Liaoyang.’ Dr. Westwater immediately used the situation to explain to them how Jesus was the peacemaker between the vulnerable sinful human beings and the Just God. The Chinese found the True Saviour, and the war-like situation turned into the day of salvation for many.

With his medical prowess and God’s love, Dr. Westwater led many people including the nobles and dacoits to the Lord. The fruitful ministry took a toll on Dr. Westwater’s health. He went back to Scotland to recuperate, but God deemed it good to call him Home in the early 1900s.

Beloved, is your Saviour being glorified by your acts of kindness?

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“Lord, make me a channel of Your peace. Amen!”

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