Amanda Smith

Amanda Berry Smith was born in slavery in1837 to Samuel and Miriam Berry. Eventually, Samuel Berry worked hard to purchase freedom for his family and then settled in Pennsylvania. Amanda was home-schooled as it was too difficult for an African American child to get a proper education in a regular school.

Birth: 23-01-1837
Death: 24-02-1915
Native Place: Maryland
Country: United States
Place of Vision: India, England, Africa

However, despite her limited formal education she grew up to be a compelling speaker with a great personality and spiritual power. While attending a revival service at a Methodist Episcopal Church, Amanda accepted Christ as her savior and dedicated herself to God’s work.

At a very young age, she lost four of her five children to illness that pushed her into depression. She sought comfort in prayers and revival camp meetings.

Amanda Smith ministry in India,England, Africa,…

Following the death of her husband in 1869, she completely immersed herself in church activities. Prayer became her way of life and she lost no opportunity to preach at Gospel camps and churches. Her talent to beautifully sing and powerfully preach took her to many places in the world. She traveled to England, Ireland, Scotland, India, and various African countries convening several holiness meetings.

Though her time in Africa was difficult on her health, she worked with the churches and helped establish temperance societies to control the use of alcohol in society. She returned to America in 1892 and continued to serve God among the African American population.

Although Amanda became an international evangelist, she remained a humble woman all through her life. She dressed modestly and encouraged other women to showcase the Lord through every aspect of their lives.

Her concern for the discriminated black children motivated her to establish Amanda Smith Orphanage and Industrial Home for Abandoned and Destitute Colored Children in Harvey, Illinois in 1899. The organization provided shelter for discriminated children and trained them to become self-reliant. Amanda retired from the responsibilities of the organization in 1915 and went to be with the Lord when she was 75.

Beloved, are you showcasing your Lord in every aspect of your life?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to be modest and bring glory to You in my every endeavor. Amen!”

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