Ann Hasseltine Judson

Ann Hasseltine Judson was one of the first women missionaries to travel overseas and work as a missionary in a foreign country.


Birth : 22.12.1789
Death : 24.10.1826
City : Bradford
Country : America
Place of Vision : Burma, India

Mr and Mrs Judson

Ann judson was the wife of Adoniram Judson

We all have heard about how women are being treated with great respect. This may be true on paper, but not in reality. The women were locked up in the house so as not to look at other men. Womens education was denied. If her husband dies, she is also pushed into the fire in the name of ‘Sati’.

Many horrific acts were inflicted on women. However, Christ’s servant’s acted swiftly to change these conditions by dedicating themselves to this cause. Because of their significant efforts, the lives of women improved, and they began to show progress in many fields.

In 1812, she reached Calcutta(Kolkata) along with her husband. But due to certain unforeseen events that took place in calcutta, she had to leave India.

Ministry in Burma

In 1813, She traveled to Burma. She was inspired by the lives of the Burmese. She learned their language with great interest. she felt the urge to give them Bible in their own language. So she focused all her attention on translating the Bible into their language.

Death of Ann Judson

She educated the burmese women and helped them understand the truths of the bible, even before the Bible was published in their language. She carried out God’s work greatly in Burma and was also of great help and support to her husband, Adoniram judson, who was sentenced to prison for 18 months of his missionary work.

After her husband release, they both remained in burma to continue their work, Ann died at Amherst, lower burma, of smallpox in 1826.

Beloved, do you have the urge and willingness like Ann Judson to serve others ?

Take Away

“Lord, to do your work, I will choose the path that You show me and walk in it, Amen ! “


Ann Hasseltine Judson

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