Daniel Sysoev biography

Daniel Sysoev biography, Daniel Alekseyevich Sysoev was a Russian minister who was shot dead by the Islamic extremist for his ministry among Muslims. He was born in a devoted Christian family and was always interested in church activities since childhood. Instead of playing games like other children, he loved to spend time helping at the altar and singing in the church choir.

Birth: 12-01-1974
Home Calling: 19-11-2009
Native Place: Moscow
Country: Russia
Place of Vision: Russia

He listened to stories of the missionaries and dreamed of becoming one of them one day. He also prayerfully withstood the pressure of his teachers and the mockery of his friends at school who wanted him to adopt atheism. Unashamed, he used to testify, “Yes, I believe God….”

After graduating from school, Daniel entered the Moscow Seminary for theological training. There, he spent hours reading ancient books, which helped him understand the scriptures more profoundly.

Daniel Sysoev ministry in Russia

In 1995, he started serving at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Yasenevo and simultaneously taught at other missionary schools. After his ordination in 2001, Daniel began ministering with burning zeal among the pagans, Muslims, and communists. He boldly visited the Muslim festival gatherings and distributed gospel tracts in their own languages. Many turned to Christ, and new churches were established in and around Moscow.

A gifted preacher he was, Daniel also spoke in TV shows and radio broadcasts. His practical missionary work and baptisms of many Muslims resulted in several death threats to him. On November 19, 2009, at 10:40 p.m., when Daniel was about to leave after the Bible class, a Muslim fanatic wearing a mask and carrying a gun entered his church.

He shouted: “Where is Sysoev?” He started shooting and wounded a choir member. Immediately Daniel came out saying: “I am here,” and walked bravely towards the killer. Several rounds of bullets were fired at him, mortally wounding him. An hour later, Daniel Sysoev slept in eternal peace still with a bright smile on his face.

Beloved, are you boldly proclaiming the mystery of the Gospel among your friends and family?

Take away from the article

“Lord, give me the strength to speak boldly about Your crucifixion and earn souls for You. Amen!”

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