David Hill biography

David Hill biography, was a British Methodist missionary to China. Born in York, David grew up to be a God-fearing young man. In his youth, his spiritual enthusiasm was such that he worked overtime to contribute to the mission work. He was just eighteen years old when he started preaching with characteristic humility in and around York.

Birth: 1840
Home Calling: 18-04-1896
Native Place: York
Country: England
Place of Vision: China

The Wesleyan Methodist Church then sent him to Richmond to pursue a course in theology. There, his personality and devotion persuaded some of the fellow students to serve their Lord more sincerely. Following his graduation and ordination in 1864, he was appointed for the Central China Mission.

David Hill ministry in China

Hill was posted at the Hubei Province, where he served as an itinerant minister. Although the weather did not suit him, he quickly acclimatized himself to the local conditions. For the first couple of years, his inability to speak Chinese wasn’t a hindrance as he carried dictionaries to make people understand the gospel.

Most of his time was spent translating the gospel literature into Chinese and teaching the scriptures for several hours to the local people. His attempts to show Christ’s love to the local people were met with indignance from the mandarins several times. However, Hill’s character never to despair of men or places and toil on when others were discouraged.

Hill’s ministry had a social vision. In 1878, when there was a famine in the Shanxi province, Hill and few other missionaries reached out to the people and carried out famine relief work for two years. In his later years, he established a hospital and homes for the aged, the blind, and the orphans.

His contributions in establishing the Central China Religious Tract Society and leading Shanghai Missionary Conference sped the Gospel proclamation in China. David Hill, who always had a smile, and a kind word for everyone, remained a true disciple of Christ until his last breath.

Beloved, do you carry a humble personality while you are serving the Almighty God?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to carry on the ministry with humility. Amen!”

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David Hill biography

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