Emma Cushman

Emma Cushman biography, The Armenian genocide during World War I is one of the cruelest periods of world history. The Turks killed around one million Armenians and forcefully converted the women and children to Islam. Thousands of Christians were forced to leave their cities and walk in the desert till they died.

Birth: 1863
Home Calling: 1931
Native Place: Burlington, New York
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: Konia, Asia Minor

God found it right to manifest His Heavenly Love through his chosen missionaries, even to such people filled with hatred and cruelty. One among them was Emma Cushman.

Emma Darling Cushman was an American nurse who served at a hospital in Konia (the city of ‘Iconium’ of Apostle Paul’s day), the greatest city in Asia Minor.

Emma Cushman ministry in Konia, Asia

She was the head nurse at the hospital who took care of the same wounded Turks who hated Americans and the Armenians. Once a wounded Turk was admitted to her hospital. He insisted that the picture of Jesus Christ hanging on the wall be brought down. Cushman firmly replied, “No, that is the picture of Jesus, the great Doctor Who…. taught the people that God is Love.

It is because He taught that, and has called me to follow in His steps, that I am here to help to heal you.” The Turk thought to care of the matter after he got healed. But in the time he spent in the hospital, he saw the love of Christ in Cushman and other Armenian nurses. By the time he was discharged, he had a complete change of heart. What a courageous and loving woman she was!

During World War I, amidst the terrible genocide, Cushman and her team of nurses served the wounded Turks and the Armenians. Despite her life hanging by a thread, she saved many Armenian boys and girls from imminent death. She took care of many children who were orphaned during the war. She taught them to read, write and helped them learn some other skills such as sewing and cutting leather to support themselves. To the end, she remained faithful to the missionary call.

Beloved, are you loving your enemies?

Take away from the article

“ Lord, help me to stand courageously for You. Amen!”

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