Eric Henry Liddell

Eric Henry Liddell, Eric Henry Liddell was born into a Scottish missionary family in China. He was sent to Eltham College, London, and then graduated from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. There he was an outstanding sportsman and became the fastest runner in Scotland. When he was chosen to represent Britain in the 100-meter dash at the Olympics in 1924 in Paris, he refused to enter the race as it was scheduled on a Sunday.

Birth: 16-01-1902
Death: 21-02-1945
Native Place: China
Place of Vision: China

He considered Sunday a holy day dedicated to God. Instead, he competed in the 400-meter race and won a Gold medal despite insufficient preparation. Surely, God honors those who honor Him.

Liddell found his accomplishment as an opportunity to share the gospel and guided several young people towards the Light of Christ. The young and modest Christian athlete, despite being in his prime, walked away from a glorious career and followed his parents’ footsteps to become a missionary in China. He trained at the Scottish Congregational College in Edinburgh before leaving for China.

Eric Henry Liddell ministry in China

After arriving in China in 1925, he taught Science, English, and sports at the Anglo-Chinese Christian College in Tientsin. He believed in raising a generation of students with Christian principles and Western science to change the country. In 1941, when the Japanese forces invaded China, the British nationals were ordered to leave the country.

Liddell, however, stayed behind sending away his family and was interned by the Japanese soldiers. Despite the hardships and shortage of food, he traveled on foot and bicycle to serve the Chinese locals. Although he was found an opportunity to leave China through a prisoner exchange program, he gave his place to another pregnant woman.

He spent the remainder of his life conducting Sunday services in war camps. Becoming weak due to severe malnutrition, Liddell left the battles of this world in 1945 to live in peace with his creator in Heaven.

Beloved, what is more important to you–Christian identity or worldly achievement?

Take Away from the article

“Lord, help me to run the race of faith with the same endurance and boldness as that of Lindell. Amen!”

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