Hans Egede Biography

Hans Egede Biography, was a Danish-Norwegian Lutheran missionary. He studied Theology in Copenhagen and was appointed pastor of a small Lutheran church in the Lofoten Islands, Norway. He diligently served his people and strengthened their faith in Christ. At Lofoten, Egede heard stories about the Old Norse Settlements on Greenland, with which contacts had been lost centuries before.

Birth: 31-01-1686
Death: 05-11-1758
Homeland: Norway
Place of Vision: Greenland

One day, he heard an inner voice that he was the one to search them out and be their pastor. That call never left him. Along with his wife, he determined to go to Greenland.

He wrote to the Danish King Frederick IV pointing out that all Christians have a duty toward missions so long as any heathen exists. Almost after ten years, he finally secured approval for his mission to Greenland.

Hans Egede ministry in Greenland

He arrived in Greenland in 1722. His first contact with the Greenlanders was less than encouraging as he found them to be untaught and as pagan savages. A heart of compassion immediately went out to them. He regularly held services on Sundays which were initially attended by very few people.

But as he continued to work with the local language, he gained real rapport with the people and began to see some fruit from his labor. He was now able to teach to some of the more aggressive Greenlanders. When a Smallpox epidemic broke out among the people, Egede worked day and night ministering to the sick and burying the dead.

Through such acts of love, he was able to proclaim the Gospel more effectively than through sermons. Egede preached the Gospel in truth and in sincerity until called to Glory in 1758. He was obedient to the call of God and was steadfast in the task that was commissioned to him by the Lord in one of the most difficult places on earth to live and among a people who were hard to evangelize. Hans Egede

Beloved, do you have such determination to be obedient to the call of God no matter the circumstances?

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“Lord, thank you for the hope that my labors are not in vain in the Lord. Amen!”

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