Hans Paludan Smith Schreuder

Hans Paludan Smith Schreuder biography, was a Norwegian missionary who served in Zululand, Africa. Reckoning the missionary work to be a Christian ‘Duty’ rather than a ‘Call’, Schreuder developed an interest in missionary work during his theological training. As a part of his academic work, he wrote his dissertation with an intent to revive the dormant and self-contained church and inspire it to be concerned for the salvation of gentiles. His dissertation had such an impact that it led to the formation of the Norwegian Missionary Society (NMS) in 1842.

Birth: 1817
Home Calling: 27-01-1882
Native Place: Sogndal
Country: Norway
Place of Vision: Zululand, Africa

Schreuder became the first missionary from NMS to go to Africa. On New Year’s Day of 1844, Schreuder reached Durban. His initial attempts to enter the Zululand were futile, and he thought of aborting the mission and going to Hong Kong.

But suddenly the local King Mpande requested him to cure him of his illness. That incident opened up access to Zululand. The now cured King gifted Schreuder land to build a church. Gradually he established 10 mission stations in that region.

Hans Paludan Smith Schreuder ministry in Africa

Schreuder also considered the social and political environment as an important factor for the propagation of the Gospel. Hence, he played a major role in maintaining a peaceful relationship between the British Government in Natal and King Mpande of Zululand. But after the ascension of Cetshwayo as the King, who wanted the missionaries to leave his land, the relation became stressed, and eventually, a war broke out. During this time, Schreuder offered his services to both the parties and played an important role to maintain the peace for a significant amount of time.

Schreuder also successfully authored the first complete grammar book of the Zulu language. He translated parts of the New Testament and Psalms to the Zulu language. The humble servant of God, who strictly adhered to the principle, “not to build on foundations laid by others” (Rom. 15:20), worked tirelessly to further the Kingdom of God in Zulu Land until his last breath.

Beloved, have you not yet realized that it is your duty to bear the Gospel? Or are you still waiting for the call?

Take away from the article

“Lord, use me as an instrument to revive the dormant and self-contained church. Amen!”

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