Isobel Selina Miller Kuhn

Isobel Selina Miller Kuhn, Being convinced by her teachers that only superstitious people believed in the Bible, Isobel Miller disdained her parents’ faith and took an interest in worldly affairs. But the Grace of God found her one night as she was about to commit suicide for being forsaken by the man she was betrothed to. That night, Isobel prayed to God and committed her life into God’s hands.

Birth : 17-12-1901
Home Calling : 20-03-1957
Native Place : Ontario
Country : Canada
Place of Vision : China

After graduating from the British Columbia University, Isobel worked as a teacher. During this time, she developed a desire to join the China Inland Mission to serve as a missionary.

Her desire only deepened when she heard J.O. Fraser’s plea for workers to come and share the gospel with the Lisu people of China. Convinced by the Holy Spirit, Isobel decided to go to China to help the Lisu people know Christ.

Isobel Selina Miller Kuhn ministry in China

Isobel arrived in China in 1928 and spent her initial years learning the language. After her marriage with John Kuhn, the couple moved to Chengchiang, where God trained Isobel in the school of ‘dying to self.’ She opened her house to the local Chinese women and shared the gospel with them.

The couple also served at Tali and Yongping before arriving in Lisuland in 1934. They opened Bible Schools in the Lisu villages to train the people in the basics of Christianity. Although there were many challenging times, Isobel saw incredible fruit amongst the Lisu people, some of whom became missionaries.

In 1950, when the communists took over China, Isobel and her family had to leave for Thailand. Even at the age of 50, she actively responded to God’s call to work among the Lisu people settled in Northern Thailand though it meant learning a new language and a new culture.

She always put ‘God First’ and chose to endure hardships for Christ’s sake than resting at ease. Isobel went to be with her Lord on March 20, 1957, after modeling a life of implicit obedience to God.

Beloved, are you dead for selfish desires?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to die for selfish gains and live for You. Amen!”

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